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_________________&; the foto hut

High-res images of movies and more!
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Welcome to fotohut! This community is run by me, strangelogic, and will feature tons of high quality images of mostly movies, but also of tv shows and celebs on occassion. The name comes from one of my favorite programs, That 70's Show.

This community came about because whenever I get a new obsession, which is quite often, I always go a mad pic saving spree. So, I figured, since I have all these pictures just sitting in my hard drive collecting digital dust, why don't I just make a community and share them with everyone! And now here it is!

Also, just so it's perfectly clear, I don't own any of the images I post. They're just from a multitude of sources on the internet. All I'm doing is collecting all the good ones and posting them in one place for your convenience.


Now for the boring, technical junk that no one likes to read. Heck, I don't even like to write it :P

1. I'd appreciate it if you comment when if you take some of the images. It's not mandatory, but it does give me a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that someone's actually using them.

2. I don't require credit, but it is nice - especially if you're saving a massive amount of pictures. Just a little "images from fotohut" would be spiffy. But again, it's not required and I'm certainly not going to chase you down like a crazy person if you don't do it.

3. If you like what you see here, then please join! I'm planning on only keeping only the most recent posts open to the public, and the older ones will be locked. So, if you want to see it all, please do join! You may also want to friend this community for updates.


resourcelove monsterjunk

If you're interested, just comment in the affiliate post. Don't post it elsewhere because I may not see it.


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